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Mastering X/Twitter: Your Guide to Thriving on the Revamped Platform

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In the ever-evolving landscape of social media, X emerges as the rebranded version of Twitter, bringing with it a host of changes including a revamped algorithm. The platform encourages creators to launch subscriptions, enrich posts with media, and share long-form content, all while keeping the shared content within the X ecosystem.

Building Your Personal Brand on X

For entrepreneurs eager to expand their personal brand, becoming adept at crafting tweets is a pivotal step. Despite the changes, the platform retains its relevance with a staggering 450 million monthly active users and grand visions for the future. Embarking on this journey now could pave the way for increased followers, forming new connections, and generating valuable leads for your business.

ChatGPT: Your Personal AI Coach for X

To navigate X successfully, consider ChatGPT as your personal AI coach, ready to assist you in enhancing both the quality and quantity of your output through a structured 3-step series of prompts.

Step 1: Setting the Context

Initiate the process by setting the scene for ChatGPT. Detail your objectives, target audience, and provide examples from your past successful endeavors or from accounts you admire.

Define your identity and the audience you aim to captivate. Delve into their concerns and desires, highlighting the untapped opportunities and elucidating how your business can fulfill their aspirations.

Before proceeding, ensure ChatGPT has grasped your vision by asking it to summarize the provided information. Utilize the following prompt as a template:

“I’d like some help composing tweets for my brand. They’re going to be promotional tweets, and I want them to be really compelling. The primary target audience for the tweets is [describe audience]. One of their biggest concerns is [describe biggest pain point]. One of their biggest underutilized assets is [describe their underutilized assets]. Our solution is [explain your business]. Do you understand what I’m looking for? Don’t create any tweets yet.”

Step 2: Providing Direction

Once satisfied with ChatGPT’s understanding, outline the structure for your tweets, offering examples to illustrate your expectations. Adapt the following prompt to suit your needs:

“That summary is accurate, thank you. The structure of the tweets should be as follows. (1) A hook: attention-grabbing, compelling, makes my target audience want to learn more. (2) Second line: continues the hook in such a way that they keep reading. (3) Third and fourth line: what my company does and the value it adds. (4) Final line: something that leads into an image or gif, to explain how my target audience can achieve the benefits the hook has presented. This is an example of a tweet that fits this structure [include a tweet you want to emulate]. Please suggest 5 more tweets that fit this structure that are appealing and compelling to our target audience based on what I’ve explained.”

Step 3: Requesting Edits

After receiving the initial batch of tweets, scrutinize them critically and prepare for further refinements. Guide ChatGPT to fine-tune the tweets to your preference using the prompt below:

“They’re great, thank you. For the next batch of 5, I’d like for them to be slightly less [adjective]. Really focus on [what you’d like ChatGPT to focus on] but without [what you’d like it to do less of]. Secondly, tone down [anything ChatGPT has overdone] and instead [give direction on the edits]. Here’s some additional context for you: [provide any additional context].”

Repeat the process as necessary, experimenting with both concise and detailed feedback to achieve the desired results.


Harness the potential of X by mastering the art of tweet crafting with ChatGPT as your ally. Through a systematic approach and iterative feedback, you can create compelling content that resonates with your audience, setting a solid foundation for your brand’s growth on the new and improved platform. Start today and watch your personal brand flourish on X.

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