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OpenAI has recently enhanced ChatGPT with two significant updates

Bing’s search engine

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For subscribers of the $20-per-month ChatGPT Plus, the AI now boasts the ability to surf the web, albeit exclusively through Bing’s search engine. Additionally, these subscribers can prompt the chatbot to generate images via the beta version of Dall-E 3.

This development isn’t OpenAI’s first foray into internet browsing capabilities. Earlier in 2023, the “Browse With Bing” feature was available in beta but was retracted after users found that ChatGPT could bypass online paywalls.

The implications of AI-assisted web browsing on information accessibility and the digital content creation industry remain uncertain. Despite improvements since its debut, “Browse With Bing” still occasionally returns errors and odd responses based on my experience.

If you’re reluctant to invest $20, you can opt for free alternatives like Microsoft Bing and Google Bard, both capable of web browsing to respond to your queries.

When using AI-assisted web browsing, maintaining a critical approach is crucial due to the ongoing issue of AI generating or referencing inaccurate information. If you’re intrigued by ChatGPT’s “Browse With Bing” capability, here are some tips and six sample prompts to guide your exploration.

1. Brainstorming with Current Data: Regular ChatGPT can aid in brainstorming, but leveraging “Browse With Bing” allows for more up-to-date insights. Whether you’re looking for a trendy new movie, ways to enhance your home Wi-Fi, or exploring additional AI tools, this feature can be handy.

Example Prompt: What’s a newly opened spot with great cocktails for a date this weekend in San Francisco’s Marina District?

2. Web Page Comparisons: Use “Browse With Bing” to compare content across different web pages. This feature is particularly useful for analyzing varying job descriptions or identifying common themes in articles on a similar subject.

Example Prompt: How do the reviews for Baldur’s Gate 3 compare between Kotaku and IGN?

3. Concentrate on Specific Sources: To avoid information overload, direct ChatGPT to search within certain parameters, such as sourcing information from a preferred website known for its expertise on your topic of interest.

Example Prompt: Using only links from Bon Appétit, what type of chicken casserole should I prepare tonight, excluding any with jalapeños?

4. Summarizing Key Points: If you’re pressed for time, ChatGPT can outline an article’s main arguments. While some details may be missed, it’s a convenient way to gauge if reading the full article is worth your while.

Example Prompt: Can you summarize the three main points from Eileen Guo’s article on AI companies recruiting striking actors, published in the MIT Technology Review?

5. Exploring Diverse Opinions: Encourage ChatGPT to present various perspectives on a topic by providing different sources. This method, however, requires discernment as the AI may reference less credible sources.

Example Prompt: I found this CNBC article insightful. What are other articles that offer different perspectives on this subject? [insert URL]

6. Video Recommendations: Beyond articles, ChatGPT can also suggest videos. While Google’s Bard may have a more extensive reach on platforms like YouTube, ChatGPT can still offer valuable recommendations.

Example Prompt: I want to start surfing. What YouTube tutorials would you recommend for a beginner like me?

In conclusion, while the enhanced ChatGPT offers intriguing new functionalities, users should remain cautious and critical when interacting with AI-generated content and references. The technology still grapples with issues of content accuracy and source credibility, necessitating a discerning approach from users.

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