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Guide to Harnessing the Power of DALL-E 3 within ChatGPT for Remarkable AI-Generated Images

The wait is over as OpenAI introduces the wide release of DALL-E 3 to its global ChatGPT Plus users. This groundbreaking text-to-image model grasps textual subtleties and abstract ideas, converting them into striking images. Following last month’s revelation of the advanced DALL-E 3, users now have firsthand access. Let’s dive right in and explore how to leverage Dall-E 3 within ChatGPT for creating AI-rendered images. Additionally, we’re sharing how you can tap into Dall-E 3’s prowess for free.

Integrating Dall-E 3 with GPT-4 in ChatGPT (Subscription-Based)

  1. Begin by navigating to ChatGPT and logging into your OpenAI account, ensuring you have an active ChatGPT Plus subscription ($20 monthly)
  2. Transition to the “GPT-4” option and pinpoint “DALL-E 3” within the selection list.
  3. Following this, input your chosen prompt into ChatGPT, initiating the image generation via DALL-E 3.
  4. Marvel as GPT-4 intuitively crafts comprehensive prompts, with DALL-E 3 bringing them to life through stunning imagery. Impressive, isn’t it?
  5. Below are examples of prompts I experimented with, showcasing DALL-E 3’s proficiency in both conceiving prompts and materializing them into images. Experiment with various Midjourney prompts to discern the nuanced differences in outputs.
  6. Note, DALL-E 3 may occasionally encounter content policy restrictions, hindering image generation, particularly for prompts pertaining to copyrighted artwork or explicit content.

Exploring Dall-E 3 with Bing Image Creator at No Cost Even without a ChatGPT Plus subscription, DALL-E 3’s capabilities remain within reach through Bing Image Creator. Simply sign in with your Microsoft credentials and embark on your journey of creating AI-assisted images via DALL-E 3.

Additionally, DALL-E 3 is accessible in Bing Chat at no expense. Note the limitation of producing up to 99 images daily, after which you might experience reduced speed. Follow these steps to begin:

  1. Access Bing Image Creator and authenticate with your Microsoft details.
  2. Input a succinct or elaborate prompt, prompting swift AI-generated imagery courtesy of DALL-E 3.
  3. Analogous to ChatGPT, it instantaneously produces multiple images.

Thus, utilizing DALL-E 3 within ChatGPT and Bing Image Creator for AI image creation is a seamless process. Based on my preliminary analysis, this novel imaging model boasts considerable prowess, rivaling top-tier Midjourney competitors. However, when it comes to portraits, Midjourney retains a slight advantage.

One caveat is DALL-E 3’s stringent content policy, which even filters out seemingly harmless prompts. As outlined in its technical documentation, OpenAI circumvents replicating styles attributable to any living artist. Despite these constraints, exploring DALL-E 3’s image generation capabilities is highly recommended.”

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